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February 2015

In January 2014, Jeanine Vahldiek and Steffen Hass spent their holidays in Tarrafal. The two musicians from Berlin spent 10 days in a ‘Mar Tranquilidade’ holiday cottage, where they enjoyed the relaxed and idyllic setting.
“The thing that struck us most about Tarrafal is the peace, quiet and serenity. The unhurried way the people move, the friendliness everywhere you go, and the seclusion of the location made a big impression on us. And the way the people relate to each other here prompted us to choose DaM as a project for our CD, as many of our songs are about these very themes.”
Jeanine and Steffen perform as a musical duo, and their show features unusual instruments: Jeanine plays a pedal harp nearly seven feet high, and Steffen has a wide range of percussion instruments for drumming, rattling, shaking, clanging, slapping … and creating many other noises besides! The instruments in his collection are treasures he has hunted down all over the world; his favourite is the cajón. A box-shaped instrument that one sits astride, the cajón is traditionally played by the locals in Cape Verde.
The Jeanine Vahldiek Band’s unique signature sound ( can be heard live in concert and on the three CDs released to date.

blank canvasl
December 2014 saw them put out their third CD, titled Blank Canvas. And there’s something else that’s music to our ears – they support DaM to the tune of 1 euro for each CD sold.

May 2016

The Jeanine Vahldiek Band have sold 623 copies of their third CD (‘Blank Canvas’) so far. Which means 623 euros for us! But that’s not all. Jeanine and Steffen have generously rounded up the total to 700 euros. What’s more, they have decided that, for their next release, DaM will be the organization that they will donate part of the proceeds to. Up to now, for every album they have selected a different organization that they want to help. As they are enthusiastic about Tarrafal and our work, they want to carry on supporting us. What that means for us is another euro for each CD sold, and a major injection of funds for our projects. Thanks so much to both of you!


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Mar Tranquilidade


Mar Tranquilidade was launched in October 1999 in the quiet area of Tarrafal de Monte Trigo,

a perfect space to stay. Apartments with thatched roofs or tile , surrounded by an acacia grove. Interspersed with leafy gardens , terraces, balconies and beautiful views. A cozy place that offers quiet places to relax.


The Jeanine Vahldiek Band


The "Jeanine Vahldiek Band ", these are Jeanine Vahldiek and Steffen Haß.

His music, which is dominated by the harp concert 2.10m height Jeanine, and various Steffen percussion instruments, you can hear live in concert on Internet or CD with his third CD " Blank Canvas ", published in December 2014, support the DaM - with € 1 from each CD sold .



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