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patio escola

In another project, we helped build a new playground for the primary school in Covão – by donating 10 bags of cement! This part of Tarrafal, about 500 m above sea level, has its own branch of the primary school (last year there were seven pupils in years 1 to 4), and its own civic association, ‘Associação de Covão’, which looks after the interests of the village community. When the organization sought our support for the school playground in June 2015, we felt this would be a very worthwhile investment and were happy to get involved. Also on board, alongside the initiator Associação de Covão, were a French organization (‘Associação Casta’) and Cape Verde’s education ministry (Ministério de Educação). The inhabitants of Covão made their own special contribution, taking charge of the building work. On 14 August 2017, the newly constructed schoolyard was opened in the presence of a Ministry official and the participating organizations, as well as Tarrafal’s municipal delegate and local residents. DaM congratulated the villagers of Covão on this demonstration of their community spirit and on their new school playground!


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