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flohmarkt1On the weekend of 17–18 June 2017, we held a jumble sale for clothes at the primary school, assisted by its eight teachers, with the proceeds going to our first ‘Join In! Nº 1’ campaign (see above). It was for this purpose that we’d kept the clothing from the exciting yellow boxes sent from Vienna by Brigitte Zellermayer. Well, the items we sold added up to a fair bit … This experience shows that something one has bought, however apparently trifling the sum involved, is valued quite differently by the owner than a gift would be. This is why we hand out clothes for free only to particularly disadvantaged families, with the rest sold at a jumble sale or similar event for a very modest price. This enables us to kill two birds with one stone: the outcome is greater appreciation and a cash boost for one of our projects! After a good long rummage, many visitors found something they wanted that could be had for the sum of 30 to 200 escudos; children’s clothing was especially sought-after. The final takings came to an impressive 26,000 escudos (236 euros). Of this, we presented the primary school with 6,000 escudos as a thank-you for their assistance, with the remaining 20,000 escudos going to the ‘Join in! Nº 1’ fund to benefit secondary-school pupils. 




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-Sua Solução ao Melhor Preço-


Mar Tranquilidade


Mar Tranquilidade was launched in October 1999 in the quiet area of Tarrafal de Monte Trigo,

a perfect space to stay. Apartments with thatched roofs or tile , surrounded by an acacia grove. Interspersed with leafy gardens , terraces, balconies and beautiful views. A cozy place that offers quiet places to relax.


The Jeanine Vahldiek Band


The "Jeanine Vahldiek Band ", these are Jeanine Vahldiek and Steffen Haß.

His music, which is dominated by the harp concert 2.10m height Jeanine, and various Steffen percussion instruments, you can hear live in concert on Internet or CD with his third CD " Blank Canvas ", published in December 2014, support the DaM - with € 1 from each CD sold .



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AMPri Logo

AMPri bietet seinen Kunden seit über 20 Jahren über 500 verschiedene Einwegprodukte wie Einmalhandschuhe,



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Seit 2004 bietet die aventura lda. als Vor-Ort-Agentur auf den kapverdischen Inseln touristische Aktivitäten an,



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