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"Dar as Mãos"

("Give a hand")

"Dar as Mãos" is a non-profit organization on the Cape
Verdean island of Santo Antão, which has set itself the
goal of improving the lives of the people in the remote,
1000 person village of Tarrafal de Monte Trigo in ways
which can be felt; in ways which enrich the lives there.
Twelve individuals from Tarrafal founded "DaM" in July 2014.

We want to improve medical care.infoilidio

Through fund-raising in Germany, we were able to purchase first-aid equipment in October 2014 – something they did not have in Tarrafal until then.

Through contacts with a number of doctors and other health professionals we have acquired more medical supplies and localmp Since 2012 individuals have been sending bandages and other first aid materials by mail. Furthermore, we have invited European and Cape Verdean medical practitioners and dentists to participate in “working vacations”, an offer that continues to be gladly accepted. What is still lacking is a good, continuous supply of medicines.

We want to improve the social situation. Although Tarrafal is now emerging economically, there is still ainfocriancas lot of poverty. There are people who have no decent roof over their heads; there are people who cannot pay for their children's education; there are people in need of care, assistance, and more. We would like to provide elderly and sick people with better care; to give socially disadvantaged individuals and families a boost. We are looking for sponsors for the children of poor families-- “godparents” who support "their" families economically. Through another personal fundraiser we regularly receive school supplies, children's clothing and toys from Austria. Now that the nursery school already has enough toys to call its own, part of these donations were used for a special campaign in December 2014: a big children's Christmas party was organized, where all the children present were given a gift. For some of them it was the first Christmas gift of their lives…

We want to do something for education and training in Tarrafal.
This begins with language courses for English, French and computer science, as well as knowledge in the field of management and organization, as well as artisanal and technical skills needed in the future. We need trained tour guides who can competently and reliably lead hikes and conduct other tourist activities; we need receptionists, managers and other staff for hotels and restaurants. We want to try to create jobs, and train qualified applicants. For particularly talented students we would like to provide financial assistance for higher education, and we want to support families who can not even afford to pay for the primary education of their children.

We are committed to conservation and environmental protection.
Tarrafal is still a hidden, unspoilednatureza1 “sleeping beauty”, but that is changing. The natural environment is largely intact, above and below water interesting and rare nature observations are possible: golfinhoswhales and dolphins visit our bay; osprey, hawks, egrets, tropicbirds, and others circle in the air; sea turtles come to lay their eggs. This nature must be preserved and protected. We try to think towards the future when it comes to the supply of water and the prevention and elimination of waste, and we are trying to increase awareness in others, locals as well as tourists.

We want cultural exchange. infocultura
We want a give-and-take, a togetherness that gives something to everyone.

We want to offer visitors interesting activities: Go out fishing with the locals in the traditional way! Get your hair braided in cornrows (tranças)! Visit a host family for a typical Cachupa-meal! Taste freshly roasted, hand ground Santo Antão coffee!
Experience Tarrafal and Cabo Verde from a side, which you would not otherwise get to see.

We want to use our website ( to exchange perspectives and ideas at an international level and share virtual cultural events and actions such as photo exhibitions or similar activities. Here we also regularly report how our initiatives evolve and what is happening locally. Our virtual community connects friends and colleagues from around the world and plays an important role: here information is exchanged, questions discussed, ideas and projects drafted.

Join us!

What can you do? If you would like to give a hand when you are in Tarrafal, there are several possibilities:

You can make a financial contribution. In each accommodation in Tarrafal there is a locked collecting box, where you can leave a donation. If you wish that this be used for a specific purpose, please attach a note to it. We guarantee that your money will be used in full for our above mentioned objectives, and will not disappear into any private wallets or bloated bureaucracy. Please do not hand over any cash donations to individuals from Tarrafal, but use only the collecting boxes provided for this purpose.

You can collect first aid material at home and send it here. In Europe expired first aid kits must be replaced regularly. The plasters and bandages contained therein are not useless – here they are urgently needed! Ask around among family, friends and in the community and/or collect the postage costs.

Are you a health care practitioner?
You could return to Tarrafal for a work holiday (work vacation). We offer free accommodation in a small apartment at the health center; volunteers help for a few hours a day in and around the Posto Sanitario, but still have time for exploring other aspects of Tarrafal. Doctors, dentists, chiropractors and similar specialists are a welcome support.


You can sponser a student.
Education is the key to economic independence, but not every family hasinfomaosstudent the money for school fees; especially low-income families with several children often have financial worries. With a student sponsorship you can effectively help a financially disadvantaged family: With a donation of 35 € per year you cover the costs of the 
primary school, 15 € per month is often enough for the high school.

For higher education, or a boarding school, we have developed further sponsorship models.

You can be part of our community.

If you want to support us on a regular basis, you can become a member of our association. On our website you will find a form to join. The monthly membership fee is 100 Escudos or € 1 and is payable annually. Supporting members may donate more. Membership fees will benefit our projects and actions and are not used for administrative or similar purposes.

"Dar as Mãos" – Organização não Governamental (ONG) em Cabo Verde
Tax Number 570912806, Tax Office Porto Novo

Postal Address: C.P. 99
1340 Porto Novo
Santo Antão
Cabo Verde
West Afrika




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