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An ONG for Tarrafal - "Dar as Mãos"

On Sunday, 13 December 2015, we celebrated our public presentation of "Dar as Mãos" in Tarrafal. With personal invitations sentapresentacao1 to the tradespeople of Tarrafal and other special guests, and posters for the whole village community, we asked the people of Tarrafal to participate in the ceremony. 

On that afternoon eight founding members of "DaM", along with specially invited guests as well as interested residents of Tarrafal, celebrated the official presentation of the organization, which had actually already been active for more than a year. Listed from left to right: Jailson Carvalho, Annette Helle, Raquel Rodrigues, Amadeu Delgado, Balduino Medina, Maria Josefa da Luz, Manuel Delgado, Odorico Lopes, Martin Peter, Christa Doerr, Friedrich Doerr.

apresentacao2In a prominent place among invited guests were Dr. Friedrich Doerr, his wife Dr. Christa Doerr, and Dr. Peter Martin, all of Burgwedel (Germany). They played a critical role in establishing the ONG "DaM", as well as in implementing the goals of the association in the medical sector. Furthermore, they set up an aid association in Germany in September 2015, which has set itself the goal of promoting and supporting the work of "Dar as Mãos" in Tarrafal.

The festive event in the newly renovated primary school John Wood began with the presentation of the founding members present apresentacao3of both organizations , and the board unclench with our association logo by our president Jailson Carvalho and the association's subsidiary in Germany , Dr. Friedrich Doerr . Finally, Jailson explained that the objectives of the association and made ​​known the initiatives and actions carried out . A short speech in Portuguese Friedrich Doerr and some words of Annette Helle completed the introduction.

Following this, assistant paramedic Jair Pires, representative of the Posto Sanitario de Tarrafal de Monte Trigo, accepted the donated medical equipment and expressed thanks on behalf of the Posto Sanatorio for these valuable acquisitions.

At this point the focus shifted from past actions to current and future activities: the campaign "Ajuda-nos a ajudar" (“Help us to help”) was launched: printed information on the activities and objectives of "DaM" in French, English, Portuguese and German, plus a lockable collecting box for each guesthouse and tourist accommodation in Tarrafal, in order to collect monetary and material donations for the work of the association.

apresentacao6The introduction ceremony of “DaM” and its actions had taken place outdoors in the schoolyard; the action now shifted indoors to a classroom. Using a projector, the website, which had only been online since the previous day, was introduced and explained. Currently the homepage of "DaM" offers information in Portuguese and German; the English and French versions are in the works. "DaM" is also represented on Facebook. IT manager Ilísio Pires from the company Ambitech, Lda (Mindelo) and Annette Helle received friendly applause for their collaboration.

After this the festivities were not yet over. apresentacao5
The participants went from the school grounds to the adjacent building on the left.
There a room has been provided for temporary use as an office for ONG "DaM".
With another formal unveiling of the club logo by Dr. Friedrich Doerr and Jailson Carvalho the new quarters were taken into possession.

At the conclusion of the celebration was a "Lanche" for all big and small guests: cakes, cookies, couscous, all kinds of sweet and salty snacks and regional specialties, as well as coffee and juices.

              apresentacao7 apresentacao8 apresentacao9                                                         

As a final joint ceremony, Friedrich and Jailson festively cut the lovingly decorated "DaM" Chocolate Cake, and distributed the slices to the guests. The cake and most of the other goodies were soon eaten with pleasure and thus the official presentation of "Dar as Mãos" ended.



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Mar Tranquilidade


Mar Tranquilidade was launched in October 1999 in the quiet area of Tarrafal de Monte Trigo,

a perfect space to stay. Apartments with thatched roofs or tile , surrounded by an acacia grove. Interspersed with leafy gardens , terraces, balconies and beautiful views. A cozy place that offers quiet places to relax.


The Jeanine Vahldiek Band


The "Jeanine Vahldiek Band ", these are Jeanine Vahldiek and Steffen Haß.

His music, which is dominated by the harp concert 2.10m height Jeanine, and various Steffen percussion instruments, you can hear live in concert on Internet or CD with his third CD " Blank Canvas ", published in December 2014, support the DaM - with € 1 from each CD sold .



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