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Abril 2016

Since April 2012, Brigitte Zellermayer from Austria has regularly sent parcels weighing some 10 kg to Tarrafel - containing dressing materials, children’s toys, school supplies and children’s clothing. On a trip to Cape Verde in November 2011, she had a great idea: while there is no use in Austria for plasters and wound dressings from ‘expired’ first-aid kits kept in cars, here there is an urgent need for such items. This marked the beginning of her outstanding efforts for the islanders. She approached private individuals and car dealerships, sourcing first-aid kits that were no longer needed and asking for other kinds of support. In her church community of Marienpfarre in the Viennese district of Hernals, too, she reported on her activities and requested assistance.
As well as the handicrafts group, which has made a number of children very happy with finely dressed dolls and other home-made things, she also received support there in the form of children’s clothing obtained from sources such as the semi-annual flea markets, and other treasures procured second-hand. There were even several dedicated rosaries from Medugorje that were especially well received by practising Catholics in Tarrafal.
Other private and commercial sponsors known to Brigitte contribute as well, meeting the costs of school supplies and other useful bits and pieces, as well as postage and packing for these parcels.

The result: so far (by December 2015) we have received 80 parcels!


March 2017

6 March saw the arrival in Tarrafal of the 100th parcel (!) from Brigitte Zellermayer in Vienna. Since April 2012 she has been sending – by post – large yellow boxes from Austria, each weighing around 10 kg, which contain useful donated items. Dressing material from discarded first-aid kits, school supplies (a wide range), toys and sports equipment and clothing (including children’s clothes) account for the bulk of the volume, but there are always plenty of other handy things as well. The very welcome yellow parcels have enabled us to provide the goatherd families up in the hills – around Bolona und Sul – with warm clothing, and to equip Tarrafal’s nursery with a variety of games. We have also (on several occasions) treated Tarrafal’s children to toys of their own, and can provide the primary-school children with exercise books, writing things, and other school supplies. Above all, we can ensure that our health centre is well stocked with dressings. THANK YOU, BRIGITTE!

So a big thank you goes to Brigitte and all her helpers!


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Mar Tranquilidade


Mar Tranquilidade was launched in October 1999 in the quiet area of Tarrafal de Monte Trigo,

a perfect space to stay. Apartments with thatched roofs or tile , surrounded by an acacia grove. Interspersed with leafy gardens , terraces, balconies and beautiful views. A cozy place that offers quiet places to relax.


The Jeanine Vahldiek Band


The "Jeanine Vahldiek Band ", these are Jeanine Vahldiek and Steffen Haß.

His music, which is dominated by the harp concert 2.10m height Jeanine, and various Steffen percussion instruments, you can hear live in concert on Internet or CD with his third CD " Blank Canvas ", published in December 2014, support the DaM - with € 1 from each CD sold .



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